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For Arkadia - s/t





"We like to stray and get lost without destination" claims one of the lyrics of the 4 piece band from Nuremberg. A young band, in many ways still in its infancy. Not musically, and certainly not as regards the age of the members but in the sense of: Hot and fresh. The imagery transmitted by that lyric is easy to find in the music, too. If you find Noise Rock too dissonant, Punk too snotty and New Wave too "2 steps forward, 3 steps back" (or just too dog-gone depressing) you'll be just at home with these guys. They blend all these styles into an Indie melange it is indeed easy to lose yourself in. How do you classify something like that? Sometimes sounding like Interpol, then like Girls Against Boys and Unwound or even North of America and old U2. For Arkadia manage to forge these eclectic references into something recognisably their own. The 6 catchy no-compromise songs leave you wanting more. However you define that.


  • 01. Le Chat Noir
  • 02. Gogo
  • 03. 10 Seconds
  • 04. Ride
  • 05. Homeboy
  • 06. Moneymachine



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